Armory Replicas Ancient Roman Fire Pit Grill

Armory Replicas #ad - Much more efficient than digging in-ground fire pits, this type of portable grill made it easier to set up and break camp, a testament to the ingenuity that allowed the Romans to rule much of their known world. We recommend burning away oil stains in the fire. Inset approximately half an inch below the top of the box, the grilling platform is hinged to allow for easy access to the fire below while four raised corner flaps combine to create a secondary cooking platform approximately 1 inch above the top of the box.

Note - this product may show traces of soot from the forging process, as well as be slightly oily to ensure quality. Sturdy legs at each corner serve to raise the box approximately 3 inches off of the ground which helps to prevent scorching the ground while the hinged handle facilitates easy carriage of the surprisingly light just 11 lbs unit, making it extremely portable and a perfect camping tool.

Armory Replicas Ancient Roman Fire Pit Grill #ad - 100% hand riveted and crafted from high quality metal, the grill is contained within what appears to be a simple metal box; slotted cutouts and a removable interior tray combine to form a bottom platform to hold hot embers and small flames, this serves to essentially create a small contained campfire.

Cooking platform Area: 8 Inches x 7. 5 inches. Overall Width: 12 inches. Overall height: 105 inches.

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Custom Handmade High Carbon Steel SEAX Knife - Poshland Knives REG-HKJ 310 - Stunning Rose Wood Handle

Poshland Knives #ad - Reg -hkj -310 handmade high carbon Steel SEAX Knife with Rose Wood Handle. Perfect hunting Knife - Sharp Edge Blade. Stunning Rose Wood Handle. Buying you must be sure and certify that you are 18+ of age and you are able to legally purchase and own an item and will use it responsibly High carbon Steel Bowie Knife.

Cyber monday Deal ***. Great piece of Art, Fully Functional. Hardness of the blade of this knife has been checked in lab & been hand sharpened to a Sharp Edge. Sheath handmade durable Leather Sheath included which fits horizontally. Full tang, solid and Durable knife Brass Guard. Over all length = 14. 00 inches, handle Length = 05.

Custom Handmade High Carbon Steel SEAX Knife - Poshland Knives REG-HKJ 310 - Stunning Rose Wood Handle #ad - 30 inches blade Length = 08. 50 inches the blade is made by High Carbon Steel and has high quality contents to give an excellent edge and sharp cutting abilities.

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