Top 10 Carpenter Ant Killer – Pest Repellents

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1. Terro


Terro Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer, 1 Pack, Orange

Terro #ad - 2 way spray nozzle allows you to reach crevices where pests live. Odorless and non staining formula. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Kills on contact and continues killing for up to 1 month. Kills carpenter ants, carpenter bees, termites, wood wasps, and other insects.
BrandTerro #ad
ManufacturerWoodstream Corporation #ad
Height9.4 Inches
Length2.7 Inches
Weight1.2 Pounds
Width8 Inches
Part NumberT1901-6

2. Terro


12 bait stations, TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Bait Ant Killer

Terro #ad - Ready to use set the bait, attract ants, and kill the colony. Kills the ants you see and the ones you don’t. Sealed station keeps liquid bait Fresh until opened. Use bait stations along baseboard, under appliances, on windowsills and wherever ants are numerous.
BrandTerro #ad
ManufacturerTerro #ad
Height4.5 Inches
Length1.2 Inches
Weight0.29 Pounds
Width6.6 Inches
Part NumberT300-2

3. BioAdvanced


40-Ounce, Bayer Advanced 700310 Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus Concentrate

BioAdvanced #ad - Protects against wood-damaging and home-invading insects. Controls carpenter bees. Effective home barrier treatment. Kills carpenter bees, ticks, fleas, spiders, crickets, ants, flies. Kills 75 Other listed pests.
BrandBioAdvanced #ad
ManufacturerSBM Life Science #ad
Height10.25 Inches
Length5 Inches
Weight2.5 Pounds
Width2.65 Inches
Part Number700310B



BASF 396153 Advance Granular Carpenter Bait, 8oz

BASF #ad - Ou must always read the label before using the product! ! You must alwas red the label before usin the prduct! ! Cmpany and distbutr of pest control produc. Pescontrol pros can not or guaant the safety of the products listed on our website as this solely lies with the manufacturer of the product. For every country, product registration, state, etc. Products sold on this site are sold throughout the world and it is impossible to know every licensing restriction or requirements, city, province, county, etc.
BrandBASF #ad
ManufacturerBASF #ad
Height7 Inches
Length3.8 Inches
Width4 Inches
Part NumberUnknown

5. Terro


Spiders, carpenter ants, cockroaches, TERRO T600 Ant Dust, Kills fire ants

Terro #ad - For indoor and outdoor use - ideal for crack and crevice treatments. Easy-to-use - convenient shaker can allows both scatter and wide spread options. Kills ants including fire & carpenter ants, cockroaches, spiders and other insects. Waterproof dust won’t wash away in rain. Ready-to-use - kills insects on contact and continues to kill up to 8 months.
BrandTerro #ad
ManufacturerTerro #ad
Height10 Inches
Length4 Inches
Weight1 Pounds
Width4 Inches
Part NumberT600

6. Syngenta


30g Each Tube, Syngenta, Optigard Ant Bait Gel Box, TRTD11568, 4 Tubes w/Plunger

Syngenta #ad - Active ingredient: Thiamethoxam,. 010%. Target pests: for indoor and outdoor control of structure-invading ants including argentine ants, and ghost ants and other nuisance ant pests; excluding fire, carpenter ants, harvester and pharaoh ants.

Highly attractive formula promotes ready transfer of the active ingredient throughout the colony. Approved for use indoors and outdoors, applied in cracks and crevices. Powerful, active ingredient knocks out workers, brood and queens. How does optigard ant bait gel work? ants that feed on the gel will return to their nest and transfer the bait to the queen and their young, thereby killing the queen, the young and the entire colony.
BrandSyngenta #ad
ManufacturerSyngenta #ad
Height1.95 Inches
Length6.4 Inches
Weight1 Pounds
Width5.65 Inches
Part Number4021911-4

7. BioAdvanced


1-Gallon, BioAdvanced 700332A Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Plus Pesticide

BioAdvanced #ad - Controls listed wood-infesting, stinging, crawling and flying insects. Kills 60 plus listed pests on contact. Controls carpenter bees. Broad-spectrum outdoor use: lawns, patios, decks, landscapes, wood piles, foundations, trenches, and around home structures.
BrandBioAdvanced #ad
ManufacturerSBM Life Science #ad
Height12.2 Inches
Length7 Inches
Width4.28 Inches
Part Number700332A

8. Terro


TERRO 2600 FBA 2 lb. Perimeter Ant Bait Plus T2600, 1 Pack

Terro #ad - Long-lasting, weather-resistant granules. Not harmful to beneficial insects ladybugs and butterflies. Shaker canister. Convenient, easy-to-use 2lb. Slow kill gives worker ants time to transport bait to the colony. Kills ants except fire ants, crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, slugs and snails.
BrandTerro #ad
ManufacturerTerro #ad
Height3 Inches
Length10 Inches
Weight2 Pounds
Width6 Inches
Part NumberFBA_T2600

9. Taurus SC


Taurus SC 20oz

Taurus SC #ad - Labeled for barrier applications targeting occasional invaders around structures. Taurus sc's effects are seen within one to three days other pests within the first week. Taurus sc is a non-repellent insecticide that is undetectable to target pests, allowing them touch, ingest and spread the insecticide throughout the entire colony. Can not ship to NY or CT. Effective against ants, box-elder bugs, beetles, pill Bugs, Silverfish, brown recluse spiders, Cockroaches, millipedes, House Crickets, Black Widow Spiders, Centipedes, Cluster Flies, Termites.
BrandTaurus SC #ad
ManufacturerControl Solutions #ad
Height2.1 Inches
Length8.5 Inches
Weight1.59 Pounds
Width4.3 Inches
Part NumberCSI13598

10. Bonide


Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer, Insecticide/Pesticide Concentrate 32 oz., Bonide BND568

Bonide #ad - Insect killer - this pest control is great for use on subterranean termites, house flies, fleas, ticks, carpenter ants, ants, crickets, earwigs, fire ants, carpenter bees, wood-infesting beetles, mosquitoes, wasps a many more bug species.

5 year barrier - to control subterranean termites, the chemical emulsion must be dispersed in the soil to provide a barrier between the wood in the structure and the termite colonies in the soil. Carefully read and use according to label directions. Dual action defense - contact kill gives you immediate results when spraying insects directly, while residual activity kills insects when they return to treated areas.

Easy application - product quickly mixes with water and should be applied using sprinkler can, hand sprayer, or low-pressure sprayers. Protect your lawn and home - termite and carpenter Ant Killer is designed for use on home lawns, nut and ornamental trees, flower and vegetable gardens, fruit, and the outside surfaces of buildings. One trenching treatment should last up to 5 years.
BrandBonide #ad
ManufacturerTV Non-Branded Items #ad
Height9 Inches
Length5 Inches
Weight2 Pounds
Width2.75 Inches
Part Number568